Friday, February 12, 2010


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niklas luhmann is a great thinker with very valuable contributions for mediascience. due to the crazy amount of research and publication work he has done in his lifetime it might be interesting to have a closer look at his desktop. the so called "zettelkasten" (notebox) is a treasure chest among his ideas. he wrote down whatever he found interesting, gave it a number related to its topic and put it into the zettelkasten. all the notes are structured in a pretty strict order as he points out in the interview. it seems to be a pretty modern approach on managing papers and footnotes in a cluster like system. today we would call that hypertext.

the zettelkasten is in private property by his family and luhmann himself said once that people might publish another whole book after his death based on his toughts in the box.

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  1. the youtube video i posted before has been removed. luckily i could find again the sequence where luhmann is talking about his zettelkasten within another online service. the sequence starts around 37:26. if you understand german it is recommended to watch the full documentary.