Monday, February 15, 2010

mauricio kagel - tactil

"the voice of god does not need any human playback."

this statement was done by maurico kagel during an interview for bomb magazine (summer, 2004) by anthony coleman. they were talking about kagel beeing jewish.
the interview comes as a rather layed back talk between coleman and kagel and offers a nice insight on various aspects of kagels work and life. the composer also talks about his love for different sources like folk instruments and melodys. tactil is a piece that evokes memorys. personally i dont even have the described gist of folk interpretation while listening to tactil but it reminds me strongly on my childhood. back then there is not much memory left, but as far as i remember i loved to make those amazing sounds with my plastic ruler!
every action and every sound around was blend into a weird kind of accompaniment to plastic rulers sound. the whole upshifting modulation in tactil reminds me a lot on the last boring class before the weekend. that piece just fits perfectly on my state of mind beeing a lil school kid playing with a plastic ruler and meditating on weekend adventures. sometimes its just so good to feel playful.
tactil (total lenght: 19:30) is a piece found on exotica.
it is composed and recorded for guitar, harmonica and fortepiano (first released in 1974).

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