Saturday, February 27, 2010

adolar - the 2nd dimension

this is my all time favourite cartoon. adolars phantastische abenteuer (the mézga family in english) was made in hungary between 1968 and 1978.
in the nighttimes adolar escapes from his crazy parents into space with a blownup spacecraft accompanied by his talkactive dog. in the space he discovers different planets and adventures. every planet has a special obscure theme.

in this episode he lands on a planet that looks like a vynil. soon adolar discovers that he arrived on a 2nd dimension planet with weird folks reigned by a cruel monarch. the nations ruler prohobited by law the pronunciation of the vokals a and o.
an elder thought his son the a and the o and explains that someone who can not say aaaa or ooo is not able to be amazed. and someone who is not able to be amazed will never achieve the realization of things.
adolar tries to help the revolutionist but finds himself beeing unable to do anything out from the 3rd dimension. only his flashlight could help to interact in the 2d world. the folks believe the light would come from a ghost and escape...
this series influenced my childhood heavily.

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